About Me

Musings of an academic without a PhD.


By profession I’m an academic. I started my career in January 2012. I’ve been a contingent faculty member the entire time. I currently teach as an adjunct associate professor at Pierce College and as a resident instructor at Pacific Lutheran University.

Aside from teaching but still under the academic umbrella, I am a contributor with OpenIntro. Specifically I serve as the Data Management Lead. Fancy title that means I maintain an internal R package that serves as an intermediary between a team of volunteers, Data Hunters, and the {openintro} and {usdata} R packages. The Data Hunters compile and cultivate real world data sets for inclusion in the textbook and supplementary materials. If you’re interested in becoming a Data Hunter, please email me!


In another life, I was a retail store manager at a local Fleet Feet. I spent years running 50+ miles per week and competing in races ranging from 5k’s to 100 miles (* only one of those). At one point I was even a member of (now defunct) PowerBar TeamElite. I still run but I’m not so fast anymore.

Tech Enthusiast

I have always enjoyed technology. I like to tinker and to keep things running as long as possible and - when I can find the time and resrouces - to refurbish old computers for those in need.

Current Setup(s)