Stat 242: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Course materials for Math/Stat 242

Course Goals

(Largely adapted from my colleague Dr. Justice)

By the end of this course, students will be able to navigate data-based claims that permeate our society and develop expertise to make informed data-based decisions. More specifically, students will:

Course Materials

Our textbook is Introduction to Modern Statistics 1st Ed..

We will have a total of 5 computer labs using R and RStudio. There will be dedicated class time to installing the software or setting up a cloud account. Those who feel comfortable doing so can download R and RStudio prior to the start of class.

The weekly schedule and other resources can be found on our Sakai site.

R Package

All materials needed for lab days can be found in the stat242 R package (package under construction as of 7/14/21). Students can install the package by running the code below in the console of RStudio (requires the `remotes`` package). As with R and RStudio, there will be dedicated time in class for this activity.


remotes::install_github(“npaterno/stat242”, build_vignettes = TRUE)

Each lesson related to the statistical computing part of the course can be found as a vignette in the help file or as a slidedeck. The corresponding assignments are available as RMarkdown templates.