Stat 231: Introductory Statistics

Course materials for Stat 231

Course Goals

This is a first course in statistics designed for non-STEM majors. An emphasis is placed on a broad understanding of topics in sampling methods, basic probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and linear regression. Students will also be introduced to statistical computing.

Course Materials

Our textbook is OpenIntro Statistics: 4th Ed..

A graphing calculator will be useful for some of the computations we will do. Specifically instruction will be provided for the Ti-83/84 and Casio FX-750GII.

We will have a total of seven computer labs using R and RStudio. There will be dedicated class time to installing the software or setting up a cloud account. Those who feel comfortable doing so can download R and RStudio prior to the start of class.

The weekly schedule and other resources can be found on our Sakai site.

R Package

All materials needed for lab days can be found in the Stat231 R package. Students can install the package by running the code below in the console of RStudio (requires the `remotes`` package). As with R and RStudio, there will be dedicated time in class for this activity.


remotes::install_github(“npaterno/stat231”, build_vignettes = TRUE)

Each lesson can be found as a vignette in the help file. The corresponding assignments are available as RMarkdown templates.

Slides related to the labs and/or in class lectures can be found here.